A judge in Indiana has kicked off a firestorm with his recent decision in a criminal case. The judge has sentenced a convicted rapist to eight years of home detention, yes I said eight years of home detention. I guess justice is not only blind but a little on the drunk side.

David Wise was found guilty of six felonies-one count of rape and five counts of deviate conduct-against his wife. According to court papers Wise’s wife felt she was being drug for the past three years and when she found sex videos on David’s cell phone of them having sex when she was asleep, she called the cops and pressed charges.

Judge Kurt Eisgruber, who is up for re-election, must of thought this was no big deal because he gave David Wise eight years of home detention. Now I’m no law expert but if a guy at a bar slips a girl a mickey, takes her to some place and has his way with her isn’t that rape?

I know some men still feel that a wife is the property of the husband but this is just sick. I bet if this was the judge’s daughter he would want to full force of the law to come down on this scumbag. Instead he slaps David Wise on the wrist and calls it a day.

Because of this judges bone head decision we now have another woman who has no faith in our justice system and a guy who could find himself on the wrong side a violent act. We have all heard the stories of a rapist who has gotten away with the crime and sometime later pays the price in a back alley.