The Denver Broncos will win on Sunday if they can do just two things. For the past two weeks there has been a ton analyzing and speculation about the big game but the fact is I think the Broncos fate comes down to just two things.

1. Do Not Over Pursue Russell Wilson

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I have seen many of the Seattle Seahawks games this season and most teams have been able to get pressure on Russell Wilson but they let him get away by over pursuing him. The Broncos can’t do this on Sunday. When they get pressure on him Wilson will roll to the right and as he does they have to make sure they either force him out of bounds or he throws the football away.

When teams have over pursued him Wilson has found a play down field for 20 to 25 yards or he runs for a first down. He has been able to keep drives alive all season with his feet so if the Broncos defense want to get off the field on 3rd downs don’t over pursue Wilson.


2. Limit the Effect of Marshawn Lynch

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It is no secret that the Seahawks will feed Marshawn Lynch the ball all day. The Broncos have to get on him as soon as he gets the ball. They can’t let him get a head of steam going because that is when he is hardest to bring down. If they can hit him when he gets the ball or at the line it will be easier to bring the beast down.

This is were Peyton Manning can help the defense. In the first half of the game Manning will need to get some points on the board. If Denver can get up by 10 to 13 points that will force the Seahawks to cut back on Lynch’s carries. If the game is tied or Seattle is up in the second half they will just feed Lynch the ball and eat the clock.

These two men are the best players that Seattle has and if Denver can limit their effectiveness they will stand in a confetti shower with a very nice Tiffany Trophy in their hands.