Two Idaho teens were harassed by a couple of cops because they claim one of the young men was talking about drugs as he got out of a van. The two young men had just gotten paid and had stopped at a gas station when one of them dropped the Nickelback word that sprung the cops into action.

I don’t know when was the last time you bought a ‘nickel sack’ was but I think I was in high school the last time heard the phrase. I’m not even sure if anyone would even waste the time to package them and sell them.

Maybe they should asked the cops if they wanted a ‘Lid’ I think the last time I heard that was watching a ‘Cheech & Chong’ movie. For those who don’t remember that was a zip lock baggie with three to four fingers in it. Back in the day most people didn’t weight out sacks.

What if they were token a number? I’m not even sure if anyone even does that any more. Most people say light up a ‘J’ or smoke a bowl. Maybe if they said something about grass the cops would of thought they were just some landscapers and this wold of never gone down.

Or maybe these cops in Idaho should update their marijuana slang book. I know with all this talk about making marijuana legal in the country it has made the cops a little paranoid but really guys no one says ‘nickel sack’ anymore.