Thanksgiving is coming up so you get on-line and buy tickets to fly home for the holiday. That cost you $395.65 round trip per-person. The day you fly out you get to the airport and pay another $25 just to take your luggage. Now, American Airlines would like you to pony up an extra $60 just to sit next to your family.

If you go but tickets to a concert, ballgame or ride the train they don’t ask “Would you like to sit next to the person you’re with”. I have bought tickets to a lot of events and when I buy a PAIR of tickets they are always next each other. So, why in the world is it when you buy tickets on a plane you get one in row C and one in row M? I get that sometimes the plane is almost sold out so that may be the case, but in most cases you book the trip in advance so what’s the deal? Do airlines not keep track of the seats?

No, I think this is just another way for them to milk you out of your hard earned money. The extra fee’s that added on are really out of line, and airlines wonder why people dislike them. Not to mention the TSA, that’s whole another book of BS that would take too long to explore. How long before they put a scale at the desk and charge you by the pound to fly?

Maybe, if they would just set a fair price and get your luggage to make the trip with you the American public would fly more. That might keep more airlines in business. Instead they want an extra $60 just so you can sit next to your child on a flight.