Brent Smith and his band have some answering to do. Shinedown is one of the best live bands in America. But, if you check their recently announced US tour, you'll notice a problem. A big problem. Yes, it appears that Shinedown hates us.

This is pure speculation, but how else can you explain that the closest dates to Grand Junction are Sturgis and Texas. I don't own a Harley and redheaded people stand a good chance of getting the crap kicked out of them in Texas, so something has to give.

I want to be clear about a couple things. First, I freaking love Shinedown. Sound of Madness is at least a top 5 album - if not #1 - for me. And, I think the new song "Cut The Cord" is killer.

So, what do we do about this travesty? Spam the Shinedown Facebook page? I doubt anybody of band importance reads that thing, but it's worth a try. Surely, this monumental oversight will be rectified soon. If not, then Shinedown hates us. And, that would suck.