I was seven and my grandparents took me to Six Flags St. Louis for the day. It was an exciting day because I was now big enough to ride all the really cool rides. I couldn’t wait to get on The Mine Cars, Highland Fling and The Screamin’ Eagle, at the time one of the fastest coasters in the country.

The morning was great, we got there when the gates opened and the fun started. I was having the time of my life, but at lunch time my grandmother had a picnic lunch packed so my uncle’s, grandparents and I went back to the car to eat.

The afternoon started with a puppet show. We went back into the park, got to the theater, stood in line and where first to get in. My uncle’s took us to the front row and told me to sit in the first seat. I was pumped.

The show was great with life size puppets, signing and magic tricks. Then came the grand finally, it was the moment from the Frankenstein movie when the monster was given life. There was lighting and smoke, and then the table the monster was on came out to the front of the stage. It rose up and lowered to floor level. Where the creature came alive and started to walk right at me. I leaped from my seat, over my uncle’s, grandma and landed right on my grandfathers’ lap. The only words I could say was “get em’ grandpa”.


Credit as: Manu_H / Flickr.com


My uncle’s will tell you that was the fastest they have ever seen me move, and their probably right.