I am from Colorado, born and raised, so I may have a skewed point of view, but I always thought we had no accent, and really didn't have too many slang words that were just ours. Turns out I was wrong! 

The website Single Dad Laughing recently put out an article that says all states have a least a few slang words that a specific to them.

As for our state, I am either a horrible Coloradoan, or I have been sheltered to these words all my life...

Flatlander – anyone not from Colorado.

Endo – crashing end over end on your skis or snowboard. “The granola (person from california) just endo’d!”

Gnar – gnarly, gnarled… “That endo was gnarly, dude”

I don't live in the mountains, and I am assuming the "flatlander" one is probably a mountain-folk term. I also don't do a whole lot of skiing, so that explains why I don't know the "endo" term, and I also thought gnarly was a California or Hawaii surf term... But what do I know? Clearly not Colorado slang!

You can see the whole list with each states slang terms here. 

Do you know any Colorado slang this list missed? If so, tell us in the comment section below.