WARNING: The risk factor is high with this activity! Watch as the John McConnell Math & Science Center Show us how to light soapy bubbles on FIRE!

These guys were on hand for the Insane Inflatable 5K with some AMAZING experiments, like Fire Bubbles!

What You Need

  1. Bowl of soapy water
  2. Bowl of water
  3. Butane
  4. Lighter

How to

  1. Wet down your arms with water to avoid burns
  2. Discharge butane into bowl of soapy water, capturing the fumes in the bubbles
  3. Scoop into your hands
  4. Move to an area to avoid flammable items (people, dogs, curtains, your kids, etc.)
  5. Light & toss!

WARNING: Do not attempt unsupervised! Safety First!

Or you could just stop by the Math & Science Center and let them show you some more amazing family experiments!