Well there's two more chances for President Obama and Mitt Romney to face off in front of the American public before November 6, 2012. With one debate done and over numbers are now out not only on Colorado's presidential pick, but also other issues.

The University of Denver, where the first debate was held, conducted a poll released yesterday(Sunday October 7,2012) with a glimpse of how Coloradans are feeling as we approach Election Day 2012.

According to the poll President Obama stiil leads Mitt Romney 47% to 43%(with a 4% margin of error) among likely voters in this key state for the outcome of the election. Prior to the first Presidential debate on September 20, 2012 an NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll showed President Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 50% - 45%(with a margin of error of 3%).

As for the heated Amendment 64 debate the University of Denver poll showed; 50% intend to vote for the amendment to the Colorado Constitution with 10% undecided and 40% planning on shooting down the proposal. Despite the fact that would generate tens-of-millions of dollars in revenue, provide jobs, guarantees money for new schools, saves police time and saves dollars. According to the poll, "Twenty-one percent said it should never be legal, 47 percent said it should be regulated like alcohol and 28 percent said it should be legal for medicinal uses only."

The poll from University of Denver also shows that despite the Colorado Legislature killing the issue 73% of Coloradans are in favor of civil unions. 49% of Coloradans favor the current law on concealed weapons on college campuses with 46% opposed. A majority of those polled showed 63% favor allowing illegal immigrants living and working in the U.S. a shot at legal status. 68% favor the Obama policy to allow those who were children when they became illegal immigrants to ot be deported and get a work permit.