It seems to me that dumb-asses always win the lottery. I know that not all winners of a lottery are dumb-asses but think about how times we have heard this.
Friday night in Kansas two brothers, who had just won $75,000 on a lottery ticket, were having a little celebration. They had gone down to the local drug dealer and picked up bags of marijuana and methamphetamine to fuel their big win. The older brother, a 27-year-old man, went into the kitchen to refuel the butane torches they where using to light their bongs. The man didn’t get a good seal and leaked butane into the air that found it’s way to the pilot light of the stove. Yes, just like in a movie, KA-BOOM, the fireball took off most of his hair and gave him second-degree burns on his hands, arms and chest. The man is in serious but stable condition in the hospital.
At this point I know what you’re thinking, yeah that guy is a dumb-ass, wait it gets better.
The man’s girlfriend put one of the new lotto t-shirts on him loaded him and some KIDS into a car and took him to the hospital where she dropped him off and left. I guess she wanted to get back to the party because that is were the mans little brother was with all the drugs. No he didn’t go to the hospital with his brother he stayed with the drugs. Now, when someone comes into the emergency room, and is dropped off, the staff calls the cops. The police got a warrant and went to the house and found the drugs and dumb-asses who lived there. Those people were taken into custody and the drugs where taken into evidence. Hopefully they have a few bucks left from the lottery win to pay the lawyer.