Tonight week 14 in the NFL wraps up with the (11-1) Houston Texans visiting the (9-3) New England Patriots; both teams are a lock to make the playoffs, but this is a huge game for both teams. What’s at stake, just rest and home cooking!!

 Houston will have three games left after tonight, 2 against the Colts and 1 with the Vikings; if they win tonight they will only need to win one of the last three games to lock up home field and a bye in the first round of the playoffs. If they lose the Texans would need to win 2 of their last 3 games to make this happen.

New England’s three games after tonight will be against the 49ers, at Jacksonville and Miami. If they win the Patriots will move into the number 2 seed in the AFC, which has home field and a first round bye for the playoffs. If they lose the Patriots would fall to 4th in the AFC, which means they would host a playoff game but no bye for the older Patriots.

What does this mean for Denver? Well, the Broncos have 3 games left, at Baltimore then at home against Cleveland and Kansas City. If the Patriots win the Broncos would be 3rd in the AFC, host a first round game and no bye. If the Texans win the Broncos stay in the number 2 seed with home field and a bye in the first round. There is a lot at stake in tonight’s game and all Denver fans should be rooting for the Texans.