The political turmoil is at a peak in Israel over the last few years, but that doesn't mean that all of the country's soldiers are uptight and ready to kill. But if watching videos of some of the country's women soldiers could kill, they would have one heck of an army! 

In a country where all men and women are required to serve in the military (women for two years, and men for three), and most join when they turn 18, you are bound to have a party girl or two... Or three, or four!

**Although there is no nudity in the video, it may be offensive to some**

This video comes just days after the country's army was forced to discipline a group of combat women for similarly "unbecoming behavior."

I am thinking this could be used as a great tactic, almost like an Austin Powers "fembot" sort of thing! And now I have disclosed all of my military genius...