Hipsters are slowly taking reign over the world, and something needs to be done. That's just what a couple of New York City artists are doibg by placing "hipster traps" around the city. Don't you think it's about time we incorporate these in Grand Junction?

You know the hipsters we're talking about, they drink PBR, where thick-rimmed glasses (even if they don't need them,) constantly use the word "rad," and have a sense of style that should have been left in the 80s. Yep, them, they're everywhere.

A couple of New York City based artists started a project they are calling "Urban Traps," stating on their website, "we lay traps for certain subcultures." Why you ask? The answer is simple, "Our goal is protect neighborhoods from infestation and collect different species for further study. " Follow along with their project to see where their traps pop up next.

Over the years, the hipster revolution has spread across the country and Grand Junction has been "infested" with hipsters for some time now. Do you think it's time to lay these traps out to help rid the area of hipsters?

We've already plotted the areas we think need the traps the most, any other locations you can think of?

Hipster Trap Locations

We promise to not harm innocent hipsters with any hipster traps.