Well people in a 'position of trust' in the school system seem to find themselves unable to control their urges and for some reason fall for their students. For one high school bus driver her dangerous love triangle ended in a blackmail scam.

According to police in Gaston County, North Carolina say that 33 year old bus driver Kwanda Carpenter went to a school resource officer recently with a complaint against two students. The Bessemer City High School had an issue with two male 17 year old students trying to blackmail her, on Facebook.

Apparently these two technology wizards forgot that everything is pretty much saved by Facebook and easily retrievable. Sgt. Josh Hamlin says Kwanda told police she told them two 17 year olds were, "Blackmailing her through Facebook messages for 60 dollars." Adding as he started to get to the bottom as why they would do that, "As they like to say, there was more to the story."

Allegedly the bus driver met the boys late at night and picked them up in October 2012. The officer said, "She picked them up in car at 10 o'clock one night in October...took them to a dead end in street had sexual contact with them in her vehicle and then took them back home." He says this was the first time he's run into a case where the alleged victims tried to extort the alleged suspect.

He reminded teenagers that, "Everybody uses Facebook and I don't know why they think Facebook is private or that people aren't going to find out about because it's not."

Kwanda now faces a felony sex offense charge and the two students who tried to get $60 through Facebook face blackmail charges.