Summer is almost here, you want to make it an epic one for you and your friends, you have a few extra bucks, and it would be really awesome to have Bret Michaels play in your backyard... Ever wonder how much that would cost you? 

Well, now with this list that I found, you can get some sort of an idea. That is unless your favorite band is someone really weird that no one has heard of, but almost everyone else is on this list.

Remember though, before you go to this list and get down on your luck because these bands cost so much, this thing does mention that "these are asking prices from a third-party booking agency that specializes in college shows; as such, the numbers are likely inflated. Actual prices negotiated by many of these performers are contingent on a variety of factors."

Sure, $100 grand seems like a lot to book AX7, but imagine that band in your backyard with only your friends there, plus the beers would be a lot cheaper than $10 like they are at real concert venues. I don't know about you, but to me that sounds cooler than buying a fancy car or investing in the stock market. If I ever win the lotto, party's at my place!!