Maybe I am doing it wrong, but when I get off my lazy ass to ride a bike, (which doesn't happen very often) there are a lot of vibrations in parts of my body that I never wanted to be vibrated. Seems as though those vibrations are not enough for some... A sex toy company based in the U.K. has released a new sexvention, the Happy Ride, a vibrating bike seat cover.

The covers, created by SexShop365, position a small vibrator in the middle of the seat... Just watch out for potholes, or that thing could be positioned in a place you dont want it!

The Happy Ride comes equipped with a discreet control to either raise or lower the vibration. It's supposed to be relatively quiet, though the device's advertised light humming could be easily drowned out by some ... light humming.

You too can get off while out for a Sunday stroll for just about $40.