Before we go any further on this Tuesday let's stop for a moment and say 'Happy National Beer Day' to all the beer lovers. This is the day that our great nation celebrates the end of really bad idea Prohibition.

Once upon a time in America a group of people got together and came up with a really bad idea of outlawing alcohol. Know as the Volstead Act the 18th Amendment didn't sober up the country as much as it created the gangster underworld.

While it may have seemed like a good idea what Prohibition really did was line the pockets of criminals like Al Capone and forced the government to spend millions of dollars to enforce a law that most of the country didn't obey.

National Beer Day marks the first day that Americans could legally buy and drink beer in 12 years, after the Prohibition.

While this is an unofficial holiday those who are beer lovers should take a moment to raise their glass and toast the end of alcohol prohibition in America. Who knows maybe in years to come we will have another day marking the end of national prohibition of Marijuana.