One of the greatest voices in Metal is celebrating a birthday today Bruce Dickinson turns 56. Best known as the voice of Iron Maiden Dickinson also writes, does a little radio and has played a little rugby.

Beside all of that he is also pretty good at fencing. He has competed internationally and placed 7th in Great Britain. Dickinson also has a line of fencing equipment under the brand name ‘Duellist’ and has worked on railway and aviation technology.

Dickinson also has his commercial pilot license, which he showed off in the Iron Maiden documentary ‘Flight 666’ as he flew the chartered Boeing 757 ‘Ed Force One’ on the bands world tour.

Bruce Dickinson along with Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford is one of the true pioneers of the operatic vocal style that has become so popular in the power metal scene. Dickinson regularly sits near the top of any list of metal vocalists and in my mind is one of the greatest front men of all time.