Birthdays are like excuses and bung-holes, everybody's got them, and as you get older they tend to stink more. I think that is how that saying goes anyway. What I am getting at, is normally I don't do the whole let's write a whole article just because it's some dudes birthday. That is unless it's the best guitar player in the history of the world... 

Maybe I am a little biased, because Rolling Stone said Jimmy Page was actually the third best in their list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time, but I have yet to find anyone who told me that he sucked. And his band happened to sell over 300 million records which isn't bad either.

Jimmy Page was born 70 years ago on January 9, 1944, in the little English town of Heston and actually started playing guitar by accident. When he moved with his parents at age 12, a guitar happened to be sitting in a corner of their new place. A classmate showed him a couple of chords, but he taught himself most of the rest. The rest is history.

But at 70, Page is still rocking. He told the Daily Telegraph that, "These days, he only plays guitar every once in a while to try out new chords and riffs: "I'm always looking for the creative spark. Always."

Happy 70th to the greatest!!