If you indulge in the ooey-gooey goodness of cheese melted between two slices of toast, you're more than likely to indulge in the ooey-gooey fun that happens between the sheets.

This explains why parents make sure kids eat their grilled cheese sandwiches, they knew the secret all along.

Social media and dating website Skout surveyed 4,600 people and revealed some toasty details about grilled cheese eaters and sex. 32% of people who chow down on grilled cheese exposed they had sex at least six times a month. That's compared to only 27% of those who don't get down on the dairy-filled sandwiches "getting down" that often.

The stats keep getting feta and feta, 73% of all grilled cheese connoisseurs had sex at least once a month, compared to 63% who despise grilled cheese.

In queso you were wondering, grilled cheese lovers are better people, 81% say they donate time, money or food to the needy. And 84% percent of cheesy people were more adventurous.

Don't overthink this sex-inducing sandwich, all you need are two slices of bread, some American cheese and you're all set.

It's time to bring back this childhood favorite for breakfast, lunch and dinner.