A bar owner lost his 'moral compass' when he let greed overcome his best judgement. Instead of doing the right thing, Jason Chidgey decided to try and cash in on a good weekend.
The bar owner decided to avoid an investigation on why a man died in the bathroom from alcohol poisoning to stash the body. Jason enlisted the help of his janitor at the Boot Motel to be his accomplice in hiding the body.

The duo stashed the body in an upstairs bedroom, at least they didn't use the walk in cooler, for four days. During their busy weekend making drinks with a corpse upstairs Jason would lie saying the guy was fine - oh man you just missed him!

Not only did he get 15 months in jail too think about it the judge said,

"You showed no respect for Mr Howells.Your response to the probation officer is one that shows not a shred of real remorse.All you seem to have been concerned about is making things less serious for yourself."