While fishing opportunities abound on the Grand Mesa in Western Colorado, for those that want to experience some different scenery, Grand Lake, Colo. is a great destination.

Of course, on this excursion you will not only find Grand Lake -- Colorado's largest natural body of water -- but other lakes and streams afford plenty of camping, hiking, and fishing for outdoor enthusiasts. Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular Colorado destination for good reason.

My brother and I recently went on a three day excursion in the area - new to me, but not to him. We found a great place to camp, and the backcountry fishing was absolutely heavenly. We worked hard for the fish we caught -- we had tromp through swamps and thickets to reach prime fishing holes -- but we did not go hungry.

Even though we had air mattresses in our tent, the ground we slept on was hard. There were no restroom facilities, we shared our space with mosquitoes, and even got rained on. All of that simply means we had the time of our lives.