Several "creatures" who make their home on Grand Junction's Audubon Trail have gone missing over the last few weeks. Do you know who is responsible?

In this case, the "creatures" are ceramic and wood figures which have been placed at various points along the trail. This is all part of an ongoing trend where people place various fictional characters in tree stumps along the path. Unfortunately, those participating are no longer having fun following the theft of their belongings.

To date, a couple of ceramic frogs, a wooden Teddy Bear, and an owl figurine have all gone missing. As of the weekend of August 27-28, a sign has been placed in one of the locations where an item was stolen asking those responsible to please discontinue the behavior and return the items.

Speaking as someone who enjoys seeing these creatures along the trail, I want them returned, too. I look forward to seeing them when walking the trail. Many others do as well. Grow up and bring them back.

Now watch, having just said this, it will turn out the figurines were taken by the personnel who maintain the trail. In that event, I hope that the Parks Department will understand some people, myself especially, have really enjoyed this ongoing game.