Christmas is over. Instead of just tossing your tree in the trash, recycle it.

Back home we used to drop our Christmas trees off at Bass Pro Shop. They partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation and used the donated trees for wildlife and fish habitat. We may not have a deal like that here but you can recycle your old Christmas tree.

To recycle your tree, just drop it off at the Mesa County Organic Materials Composting Facility (3071 Highway 50 on Orchard Mesa). They're open Tuesday through Saturday 8:30 AM until 4 PM. For more information call (970) 263-9319 or just click HERE.

Another way to put your old tree to good use is to give it to a local farmer. Many use them for feed, compost, animal bedding and useful things around the farm.

And don't forget to remove all the ornaments, decorations, and the lights, even if they didn't all light up this year. Maybe you can use this holiday downtime to find and replace that one burnt out light. We all know if one goes out, they all do.