I'm a Kansas City guy, so Bar-B-Q is in my DNA. I can't go more a couple weeks without it. Where is Grand Junction's best Q?

Just by chance, I was downtown looking a couple places to rent as I cruised along I saw the sign Pink's BBQ. Looked like my kind of joint so I whipped in to hopefully calm my Q jones.

As I strolled in a noticed something special on the menu, there it was, the "crack" to all us Bar-B-Q freaks -- burnt ends. Those or you that know, know what I'm talking about.  It's the extra-best part of the brisket. Trimmed off and placed back into the smoker for that extra char.

In most occasions, it's the part the pit master usually saves for himself, and there it was, on the menu.

It's a staple in KC. Not in most parts of the country. I stepped up to order. Kevin went to work on my pulled pork sandwich. The burnt ends, I'd take them to go (they would be my snack just before bed). A more appropriate time for this more "spiritual" of experiences.

What are the best BBQ joints in town?