The long awaited reboot of the Godzilla franchise will hit the silver screen in May of 2014 and I for one can not wait. This will be the second time an American film company has produced a Godzilla film the first was the 1998 movie with Matthew Broderick that was a real stinker. The first trailer of the new film at lease gives me hope they won’t screw it up.

I grew up on Godzilla movies and I know they are cheesy but they’re fun. This isn’t ‘Gone With the Wind’ this a monster movie with models and toys being smashed by a guy in a rubber suit. It’s not to be taken that seriously but I will have to say this trailer looks very cool.

The trailer looks like Legendary Pictures may have gotten it right this time. They produced the ‘Pacific Rim’ movie last year, which was ok, but I think they missed the mark. If the new Godzilla movie is like the trailer this should be a fun summer film to see on the big screen.