The Grand Junction Police Department has launched an investigation after finding two credit card skimming devices at local banks.

The skimmers were found at the Bank of Colorado branches at 200 Grand Avenue and 2903 Patterson Road. These devices read the credit card magnetic strip which allows the skimmer to create a duplicate card for future use.

Police say the devices they found are similar to those found across Colorado and Nebraska. They advise anyone who used the ATMs at the mentioned locations between 5:40am and 8:00am today (May 27) to be cautious. Personal information may have been compromised, and bank statements should be examined closely for unauthorized  use.

Anyone responsible for the maintenance of an ATM is urged to check it for possible skimming devices by pulling off the face plate where the card is inserted. If a device is found, police say doesn't remove it. Secure the ATM and report it to authorities.

Police say, while this is an isolated incident, consumers should monitor their accounts closely if they use ATMs.

UPDATE: Police have been able to get a description of the criminals involved  using surveillance video footage. At the Patterson Avenue location, police say both subjects involved were males, 20-30 years of age.One was wearing dark colored pants and shoes and a gray hoodie sweatshirt underneath a dark colored jacket. The other wore a black hoodie sweatshirt, blue jeans, and dark colored shoes.

At the Grand Avenue location, both suspect were males, twenty to thirty years of age.  The first male was wearing a black jacket, white hat, and black pants. The second male was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, black baseball cap, blue jeans, and white shoes.  Both men were later seen in the area in a black, four door style Honda or Oldsmobile sedan with unknown California license plates.

If you have information on the identity of any of these individuals, please contact the Grand Junction Police Department at 970-242-6707.  You may report information anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 970-241-STOP (7867).

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