This data genius has worked out the ultimate American road trip, but misses western Colorado and eastern Utah. Randy Olson who found the best search path to find Waldo in the kids books Where's Waldo uses the method to map out this road trip but I think it's incomplete.

As first glance, the map of Mr. Olson's road trip might look pretty cool with some great stops along the way, but I think he is missing out on some beautiful stops in western Colorado and eastern Utah.

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First, he totally goes around eastern Utah skipping Moab National Park. This is a huge stop for people coming to the US. I have been to the park a few times and have met people from all around the world.

If you have never been to visit our friends to the west and see the arches you are missing out on some of natures grand beauty.

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Olson's road trip also misses one of the great ancient sites in America; Mesa Verde in southeastern Colorado. These dwellings are a true wonder to visit. They were built in 600 AD with nothing more than stone tools and for some reason Mr. Olson didn't think they are worth a visit.

I have camped there and they are well worth a visit and should be on your list of places to stay in Colorado.

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One other spot that Olson's road trip missesis the Colorado National Monument. I know it might not seem like much because we see it every day all year around but this is a great stop on a road trip.

The Monument is full of great hikes and impressive scenery year around and if for some reason you have never paid a visit you really should make the time some weekend to take advantage of something that is right in our backyard.

While this ultimate American road trip does have great stops along the way I think it is just a bit incomplete and should include a visit to our part of the country.