While high tech geeks and wizards debate the pros and cons of the latest smart phones, those of us that don't care - as well as some who do - can sit back and laugh at this hilarious iPhone 5 commercial.

A couple of years ago when Apple released iPhone 5, I was not one of those that pre-ordered my phone at the earliest possible moment. Nor did I rush out to buy one when they hit store shelves. Even if I had the $500 bucks or so to spend on a new phone, I am pretty sure I would have bought a new set of golf clubs instead.

Yes, I have delved into the high-tech world of smart phones, but have not yet taken the iPhone plunge. Nor do I plan to take such a dive when iPhone 6 is released later this year. I am still waiting for someone to convince me that the extra money I would pay for an iPhone is worth it. At the moment my Android does everything I need and want it to do - and then some.

Nonetheless, anyone who has a smart phone can't help but appreciate the humor in this iPhone 5 commercial parody. Can you imagine sticking this thing in your purse or your pocket? Of course, it might cut down on the number of people who talk on their cell phones and drive at the same time.