Let me remind you that Miley Cyrus was on a Disney kids show, and look how she turned out. Now, I am not saying that Disney turns girls into hot women who like showing off their bodies to the world, but I am saying this seems like a trend. 

Jennette McCurdy was on that show called iCarly, and also one called Sam and Cat, ask your kids about her. I am not sure what she is doing professionally nowadays, but I do know that in her free time she is taking hot pictures of herself and posting them on Instagram

PS, she also knows that you're shining your man sword while you look at said picture... She used the hashtags  #datass, #fapfapfap, #eww, and #boysaregross’with the pic. I guess if she didn't want you fappin' to it, she wouldn't post it, right?

Have at it...