If you're planning to enjoy Western Colorado's Riverfront Trail system, be cautious of flooded areas around the valley. One such area can be found on the Monument View section, just a little West of the Monument View/Blue Heron parking area.

Many a bicyclist were frustrated when they couldn't make their way through flooded areas of the Monument View section directly underneath the Redlands Parkway. A section probably 40 to 50 feet in length has found itself underwater.

Right in the middle of the flooded area you'll see a sign proclaiming "No Overnight Camping." Trying to sleep in this area gives "rolling over on the wet spot" a whole new meaning.

Obviously, flooded sections of the Riverfront Trail is not uncommon this time of year. For the time being, waters are running a little high.

Even with the flooded areas, there are still miles and miles of trails to enjoy. If you were to set out from the same parking area, you could head east for several miles and see various artworks and plenty of natural awesomeness.

Get out and enjoy the Riverfront Trails in Western Colorado. You could walk every for weeks and never see the same section twice. The steady water flow is as much a plus as it is a minus. Please get out and enjoy.