You've heard us talk from time to time about how flight attendants sometimes act like they're a lot more important than they really are. They're not sky cops. Their job is to get peanuts and drinks.

Well, a recent example of flight attendant over-reach has cost a life.

A Wisconsin woman boarded a Southwest flight from New Orleans to Milwaukee recently and, right before takeoff, got a text from her husband saying that he was about to commit suicide.

Obviously, she panicked. While attempting to call the police, the flight attendant slapped the phone down, saying that she needed to put the phone in airplane mode.

She protested and explained the situation, even showing the flight attendant the text.  She begged the flight attendant to make an emergency call to no avail.

The plane eventually took off and flew to Milwaukee.

When they landed, she immediately called police and they went to the house, where they found her husband dead.

Southwest issued a statement saying "Flight attendants are trained to notify the Captain if there is an emergency that poses a hazard to the aircraft or to the passengers on-board. In this situation, the pilots were not notified."

So yeah. Stick to giving out peanuts. Stop messing with people's lives.