Every year, tons of people gather to sell their stuff at the World's Greatest Yard Sale. Some of them have great success, while others end up with a ton of stuff left over at the end of the day, and probably not as much cash in their pocket as they would like. What is it that the successful sellers have in common? What is it that separates them from the rest?

There is always a large crowd that comes to shop at the World's Greatest Yard Sale, so a shortage of shoppers is never the issued. If you want to have a successful day, follow these five tips.

(Zane Mathews)

1) BRING GOOD STUFF: Before you load it in your vehicle to haul out to the fairgrounds, ask yourself the question, "is this really something that people would buy?  Would I buy something like this?"  If the answer is no to either question, don't bring it. Just throw it away.

(Zane Mathews)

2) BE ORGANIZED: Have your stuff laid out in an organized fashion so it's easier for shoppers to look for what they are interested in. Put all the gadgets in one place, knick knacks in another, music in another, etc.And make sure you have prices on everything. Don't make people ask how much an item is. They are more likely not to buy if they have to do that. It's all about the customer and making  their shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

3) AVOID THE VULTURE SYNDROME: Obviously  you need to keep an eye on  your stuff so that nobody walks off with the goods. But, don't gawk at people while they shop. It makes people uncomfortable. Let them shop in peace and without pressure. They are more likely to buy something.

(Zane Mathews)

4) PRICE YOUR ITEMS TO SELL: Remember, when it comes to yard sale merchandise it's not necessarily what the item is worth that counts, it's what people are willing to pay. This is a yard sale. People expect yard sale prices. Think bulk. Price things lower and you'll sell more stuff. High prices will result in not selling as much stuff - and you'll still have a ton of stuff left over at the end of the day to haul back home.

5) NEGOTIATE, NEGOTIATE, NEGOTIATE:  If you have a customer who is interested enough in an item to make you an offer, do what you have to do to close the deal. If it's a $3 item and they offer $2 take it! If it's a $20 item and they offer $15, take it! Even if the item is worth more than that, it's $15 dollars more than you had before. Be flexible and lower  your expectations.

If you haven't signed up for a booth space yet, there is still time. It's $25 for  your first 10 x 12 space and $5 for additional spaces. You can reserve one at the KOOL Studios at 315 Kennedy Avenue during regular business hours.

The World's Greatest Yard Sale is Saturday, September 21st from 9am-3pm at the Mesa County Fairgrounds. Admission is $5 for adults and free for kids 12 and under. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Boy Scouts.