The garage sale season has slowed dramatically in recent weeks, and with the impending weather change, it will be over with completely very soon, however, that is exactly why you should be having a Grand Junction garage sale in October.

Garage and yard sale enthusiasts usually begin to go through withdrawals at this time of the year as the season comes to a close. They aren't done bargain hunting yet. While it may not be considered the prime time to have a garage sale, the fact is, there are plenty of reasons why a person should have a yard sale in October.

Obviously, in Grand Junction, there are far fewer garage sales in October than there are in June. That means the few that do happen are going to get a lot of attention instead of having to share the love with other sales earlier in the season. A potentially bigger crowd at your sale can mean bigger sales for  you.

Maybe you had a sale earlier in the season and ended up hauling half  your stuff back into the garage because it didn't sell. Why didn't it sell? Chances are, it was over priced and now you know it. So, set it out again, and this time LOWER the price, get rid of the stuff, and get some moola in your hands.

Western Colorado weather in October is very unpredictable, but it is essentially a win-win for having a garage sale. If the weather turns out nice  you can expect a nice turnout.

If it turns out on the cooler side, offer free coffee and hot chocolate - and maybe some cookies for people who come out to shop. You should know at least a couple of days ahead of time what the weather will be so you have plenty of time to advertise the special treats - which could entice some borderline shoppers to brave the elements and come buy your stuff.

Even if it rains, by having the sale in your garage you still have a chance to make some extra Christmas cash, so since the weather is unpredictable, plan to have your sale rain or shine -- or snow.