What would you do if you had $200 to spend at Enstrom in downtown Grand Junction? You have to start with the world famous almond toffee. But man cannot live on toffee alone, so here are five delectable ways to spend $200 on more than just toffee.

  1. Almond Toffee - The most famous of the Enstrom products. Get it in either milk or dark chocolate. A lot of people would spend $200 on this alone.
  2. Ice Cream - There are lots of delicious flavors, but if you can't decide, go with the Tahitian Vanilla or Graham Central Station, you won't be disappointed.
  3. Coffee - Whether you choose one of their house favorites, a latte' or cappuccino, they're all a great way to start or warm up your day.
  4. Espresso Toffee Petites - One of their best kept secrets. What can be better than a bite-sized espresso bean caffeine hit wrapped in chocolate and surrounded by toffee?
  5. Truffles - Best described by the Enstrom connoisseurs as 'velvety ganache elegantly balanced with fruit purees and liquors finished with smooth milk and dark chocolate.' This is the closest to chocolate heaven as you can get.

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