After years of promise, we are finally getting flying cars. I have been dreaming of flying cars for years ever since I saw one on the cover of Popular Mechanics and now it looks like they are coming.

Forbes is reporting that a company out of Slovakia called AeroMobil could have it on the market in the next two years. I think this is great just think about how much time you could cut off a trip to Denver with a flying car.

I know they will very high-price to start with, but they will come in time just like computers and DVD players. They all started with a high ticket items but now they are cheap and easy to get.

I would think there would be some sort of classes to take to learn to fly but after that travel would be pretty cool.

Instead of booking a flight with all of the expense you pack a light bag and off you go into the wild blue yonder. This could mean the end of local flights as we know them.

Why would people want to spend the money to fly to say St. Louis or Phoenix when they could just fuel up and fly themselves? There will be some people are scared or unable to learn to fly but I for one can't wait.