When was the last time you ordered a steak at a restaurant? How big was that steak? Maybe 10 ounces? Twenty ounces, perhaps?

Chances are, that might be the maximum.

But Sayler's Old Country Kitchen, a steakhouse in Portland, Ore., doesn't stop at 20 ounces. The restaurant offers a 72-ounce steak on its menu and it's a tradition for people to come in and try and eat the entire thing in less than an hour.

Until just recently, the record for finishing the steak was 6 minutes, 48 seconds.

But then Molly Schuyler stopped by.

Schuyler, along with her friends at the Big Eater's Club, went into Sayler's to slay the dragon. And slay it the 34-year-old mother of four from Bellevue, Nebr., did! She consumed the entire 72-ounce steak in just over three minutes!

Check out the incredible, yet disgusting video below!

Schuyler followed that up with another impressive eating display.

In the Mad Greek Deli Challenge in Portland, she consumed a 12-pound deli sandwich, a pound of French fries and a soda in less than an hour.


Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings