Coming into the 2013 NFL season the expectations are mile high for the Denver Broncos. The window, which was small to start with, is getting smaller for Payton Manning. He will need to lead this team to a title in the next couple of seasons. I will say this Broncos team has all the pieces to the puzzle; they just have to put it together. The 2013 draft and the frenzy of free agency are in the books, so here are my top five teams coming into the season.



5.New EnglandPatriots

With a depleted depth chart at wide out and Hernandez and Gronkowski banged up this might be the least intimidating Patriots team we have seen in a while. They still have Tom Brady and I’m guessing he will find a way to make it work.


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Matt Ryan final won a playoff game, so that monkey is off his back. The Falcons have all the tools at wide out and with Steven Jackson coming over from the Rams, the Falcons should be ready to make the next step. IfJacksoncan get 1,000 yards on the ground,Atlantawill have another good season.




The Seahawks had a great season with a rookie at QB, then went out and got Percy Harvin, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril and Antoine Winfield. They have re-loaded and should have another good season. The only hole as I see it is Russell Wilson. I know,Wilsonhad a great year, but he was a rookie and now teams have tape on him and they will have a game plan to stop him. The Seahawks are a very good team but they only go as far asWilsoncan take them.


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With the addition of Wes Welker this may be the most talent-rich team Manning has ever had. I think he biggest road block for the Broncos, is health. If they can stay healthy this Broncos team should win 12-14 games and make the playoffs, and who knows maybe play that game in February inNew York.


1.San Francisco49ers

The 49ers have won back-to-back NFC West titles and should win a third. Colin Kaepernick is the big question mark for me. He plays a ruff style of football, so can he stay healthy for the season? If he does I think we could see this team take on the Broncos in the Super Bowl.