Spending the weekend at Rock Jam will take it's toll on even the most seasoned rock festival veteran, but if you follow this handy guide to surviving Rock Jam, you're sure to get out alive.

So far, the weather forecast is looking to be a beautiful weekend in Mack, Colo., not too hot and hopefully no rain. Here are some of the "must-knows" for surviving Rock Jam:

  • It Puts the Lotion on the Skin -- and by lotion, we mean sunblock. We all know the Colorado sun will melt the skin off your body.
  • Drink Until Your Eyeballs Float -- stay hydrated and drink lots of water. We know you'll want to party like a rock star, we will too, but always slam a water or two after each alcoholic beverage.
  • Don't Drink + Drive -- there's no reason to spend the night in the county hotel. Call a cab, take a shuttle, have your younger brother drive, call your mom or dad, or even get yourself a campsite.
  • #rockjam -- stay connected and share your photos with us. You'll definitely be using your phone to stay in touch with friends, taking pictures and sharing those pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram -- make sure to use the hashtag #rockjam. We'll feature all your pics for everyone to see.
  • Don't Get Lost -- make sure you know where first aid, lost and found, and all the alcoholic beverages are. We have the maps for you!
  • Have Fun + Be Cool -- Rock Jam is a rad place to hang with friends and party like the rock stars you are, just make sure you're being respectful to other patrons.
  • Miss Rock Jam -- Don't forget to stop by the 95 Rock tent and pick up your Miss Rock Jam poster calendar and get it signed by the smoking hot Harlo Gunn!