Tombstones have gone mobile with several companies now offering QR code technology in their tombstone. QR codes have started to make their way to everything from supermarket shelves to posters above urinals. Why someone would use a QR code while urinating is beyond me.

The use of QR codes is slim with only 14 million Americans in 2011 using QR codes despite 42% of American adults owning a smartphone. QR codes for tombstones are relatively inexpensive at anywhere from $50 to $150 dollars. Companies offer adhesive QR codes and others offering the ability to have them engraved into the stone.

Sure QR codes seem like an easy way to make a personal memorial website accessible with the ease of capturing an image on your phone. What happens if QR codes are obsolete in several years? What if the memorial page is proven to be insecure and is changed or violated? Do you or your relatives really want strangers to find out personal information about you or your family on their phone?

Not only are QR codes available, but RFID chipped headstones and video headstones are another options.