In staunch times of economic struggle, it can become necessary to get back to the primitive and consult your immediate resources as a means for survival. However, when all you have at your disposal is a busted clothes rack, a few shopping cart casters and a mangy old dog, the reality is that fiscal rigor mortis has really set in.

Those conditions haven't stopped 71-year-old Chinese native Huang Lu, who during a recent sanity lapse, strapped a wild-eyed German Shepard to a makeshift rickshaw as a way to eliminate the expense of owning a car. "I'm too old to ride my bike now and I can't afford a car,” he said.

While parading around town in such a rickety contraption requires a strong social constitution and uncanny ability to not give a single flippin’ squirt about what other people think, Lu says he is not ashamed of his new ride or his willingness to play the indentured servitude card with his canine companion. “I know it’s not pretty but it works… my dog doesn’t mind and is too well trained to chase cats.”

What level of thunderdome apocalypse would take before the average American was permitted to make their pets street legal?