Summer is right around the corner, and it seems everyone is trying just about everything to shed those winter pounds and get that summer bod back. The latest trend is the Paleo diet, where you eat like a prehistoric caveman. The diet claims that sticking to a hunter-gatherer diet can help you lose some of that unwanted weight. The Paleo diet was popular in the 70's and has regained popularity in the last few years. Recently, a few books have been published about the Paleo diet like The New Evolution Diet, The Paleo Solution and The Paleo Diet Cookbook.

The theme of the Paleo diet is basically to eat meat, fish, veggies, fruit, nuts and roots. While keeping dairy, processed foods and grain out of your diet. Basically, eating like a caveman.


The diet is suppose to keep you from looking like Hagar the Horrible.


And more like Conan the Barbarian.

The diet claims that humans are genetically built to eat the items on the Paleo diet and by eating the other items we are messing with our genetic codes. According to the theory, man hasn't evolved much since the prehistoric times, and by eating like a caveman you can avoid diabetes, obesity, asthma, osteoporosis and more.

To learn more about the Paleo Diet and the facts about how it works, follow this link.