While the downtown Grand Junction Farmer's Market has officially ended for the season, farmers who sell produce will continue to sell fresh fruits and vegetables downtown every Thursday through October.

Aaron Hoffman, Marketing and Communications Director for Downtown Grand Junction says, local produce vendors who still have plenty of fruits and vegetables to sell and downtown shoppers who enjoy the convenience made the Downtown Fall Produce Market possible.

Hoffman points out this is different from the summer market in that it is limited to vendors who sell only produce, although there may be other items the vendors typically sell such as jams, jellies and salsas available.

The location for the Downtown Fall Produce Market will be the vacant lot next to the parking garage at 4th Street and Rood Avenue making it easy for people to stop and shop.

The market will be open Thursdays through October from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. and shoppers are welcome to enjoy the evening shopping and dining at downtown businesses.