The Flobots are in town! This is another one of those "can't miss" shows. Catch them   tonight at The Mesa Theatre, downtown Junction.

The Flobots are a rock/hip-hop band out of Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2000 by Jamie Laurie. They found mainstream success with their major label debut Fight with Tools featuring the single "Handlebars", which became a popular hit on Modern Rock radio back in 2008.

Mesa Theatre

You don't see many dual MCs, plus a full band, all on one stage anymore. These guys are not like anything else you've seen before. They're a progressive rap group with a political conscience, musical chops, and a powerful live show.

The band comprised of Jonny 5 (born Jamie Laurie) and Brer Rabbit (born Stephen Brackett), who all the way back to grade school, along with musicians Andy Guerrero (guitar), Mackenzie Roberts (viola), Joe Ferrone (trumpet), Jesse Walker (bass), and Kenny Ortiz (drums).

Being from Denver only makes the show more interesting. However, they've gained a following well outside of Colorado. With national tours and sharing the stage with the likes of Public Enemy and The Fray, has only solidified their credibility.

You don't want to miss this show! Tickets are available at The Mesa Theatre box office.

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