Here are few great fails to enjoy on this fine day. The weather is so nice I would much rather play golf than work but some one has to pay the bills. This version of weekly fails has some real classic moments that will make you say WTF are they thinking.

First, I want to say if you are at a 4-wheeler rally you should never sit in front of the jeep coming up the hill you could get run over. I know the lady just wants to get a good shot but damn you get killed.

Second, never tell anyone that the ice is slick. It will spoil your fun of watching person after person fall flat on their ass. Just make sure you record the fun to share with the whole class.

Third, When teaching your child to ride a dirt bike you might want to go over the stopping part a couple of times to make sure they got it. Other wise they will use the first tree they see to stop.

Finally, if you are the person on the intertube behind the quad runner make sure you remember where the fence post are at. The sudden stop always leaves a mark.