When you think of Valentine's Day, most people think about spoiling the woman in their life. Sure, she is supposed to get you a card and maybe if you play your cards right she'll put on some sexy lingerie later that night, but for the most part it's about her. Want to be a really awesome girlfriend/wife? Spoil your man on V-Day every few years! 

Now remember this article is coming from the guy who has plans to eat a frozen pizza, watch the Olympics, and go to bed by 10 this year. But that has given me plenty of time to think about the perfect man's Valentine's Day!

First off, you have to tell him in advance that you, the lady, are making all the plans for the day and night this time so he doesn't make plans on top of yours. Then go ape-sh** with gifts. He has spent tons of money on jewelry and the like through the years, go crazy for him this year. Maybe great seats at a concert or game, some piece of electronics he really wants, or something that will show him you really went over the top this year. For dinner, plan on either cooking or getting take-out from one off his favorite places. Trying to go out and eat on V-Day is stressful, packed, and most guys don't want to deal with that. Don't forget his favorite six-pack of beer, and maybe a new video game if he is into that. Spend the night at home doing things he enjoys, and then bust out that sexy lingerie when he least expects it!

I can almost guarantee that he will at some point turn to you, and tell you that it was the best Valentine's Day he has ever had, and lookout, because next year you can bet on being spoiled beyond your wildest dreams! And no guy in his right mind will ever let a girl go who is willing to make a Valentine's Day that special for him!

Try it, ladies!