Last night the San Diego Padres and LA Dodgers had a bench clearing brawl in the 6th inning. The Dodgers won the game 3-2 on Juan Uribe’s pinch-hit home run in the eighth but lost the 2009 Cy Young winner. In the bottom of the sixth Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke hit the Padres Carlos Quentin in the shoulder that kicked off the bench-clearing brawl.

In the off-season the Dodgers signed Greinke to a six-year $147 million deal thinking he would pitch every fifth game, now Greinke will be out at least a month with a broken collarbone. When Quentin charged the mound Greinke went into a defensive mode and lowered his non-throwing shoulder that turned out to be devastating for the Dodgers. Greinke suffered a break in his collarbone. Dodger’s center fielder Matt Kemp was so fired-up after the game he and Quentin had to be separated. Guys leave the fights to the NHL, they know what they are doing.