This disturbing video shows just how bad America’s police state has gotten. I know we see this stuff from time to time but how can this even be legal? I didn’t know that asking a police officer to see their name tag was cause to do this.

This young lady was pulled over for speeding in San Diego and when the officer came to the side of her vehicle she asked to see his name tag. His safety vest covered it and she couldn’t read it, so she reached up and moved the vest to see it. That is when she found herself face down on the ground in cuffs.

The officer, Agustin Rosas Verion, claims she was a safety threat to the public and had assaulted him. None of that is seen in the video and makes me wonder why the police released it to the public.

Before you say she ripped his vest, look very carefully, she does reach up to his vest but his actions are the one that caused the vest to rip not hers.

The cop then breaks into her car and assaults her not the way he reported it.

This is why the American public does not trust the police and when they see them are scared of them. Maybe they should work on their public image?