Technology is great and all, it definitely offers some wonderful conveniences, but sometimes it just isn't worth it.That's how this Detroit woman is most likely feeling.

The woman has filed a lawsuit against a Hazel Park, Mich. police officer, accusing him of spying on her while she was breastfeeding her baby. She said that it all started when the father of her child was arrested on drug charges. His phone was confiscated and their home was searched.

Shortly thereafter while breastfeeding her child, she noticed that the baby monitor camera's green light was blinking, indicating that someone was connected and watching. She says that the only device connected to the camera was the iPhone that was confiscated by police.

After using the "Find My Phone" feature on the iPhone, she was able to track it to the Hazel Park police officer's home.

So open and shut case, right? Wrong!

Unfortunately, since there are no criminal complaints made, there is not currently a criminal investigation and the officer has not been suspended.

Why hasn't a criminal complaint been made yet?!