For starters, I need to insert my own personal opinion here and say the following story is just a bit bizarre.

That being said, here’s how this story unfolds.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder County sheriff’s deputies on Saturday used a stun gun on a Longmont man after he charged them with a broom.

Yes, you read that correctly – a broom. The Boulder Daily Camera reports that deputies were forced to retreat to the edge of the man’s yard before they were able to arrest him.

The incident occurred when deputies went to the John Sena’s home to arrest his daughter on a traffic warrant. Deputies say the girl escaped out the back door of the house while they battled with her father.

Sena, 56, is being held at the Boulder County Jail, and is now facing charges of menacing and second-degree assault on a peace officer after Saturday’s incident.

As for Sena’s daughter, Melissa, sheriff’s officials and Longmont police searched the surrounding neighborhood for her, but she had not been located as of 11:00 p.m. Saturday.